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I love summer.  I love the heat, the food, going to a lake house, sitting on the patio, and feeling the sand between my toes and the sun on my skin.


I know it’s bad and I use sun block but I love being outside and seeing my skin turn a bit brown.  I love sleeping in and I’m so grateful that I can.  But believe it or not, I love getting up to meet my friends for early morning tennis on our neighborhood courts. It’s been a great summer.

So we are winding down; school has started and little signs of Fall are starting to show themselves.


The kids have gone back to school and it’s time for me to go back to work too. I’ll admit, I didn’t get much done this summer.  My project list is still long.  I was going to devote my summer to “my art.”  Somehow, laundry, dinner, the dishwasher, driving kids around…and yes, tennis, got in the way of “my list.”  But boy was it a fun summer. I did do one painting, a tiny portrait of Maverick, a golden retriever, who passed away.  His family wanted to enjoy his image in art.


I also haven’t done any blogging in awhile but thought I’d post a couple of drafts I had written before.  I’m not sure how those bloggers make careers out of it, although I’m sure it does involve a lot of time invested. It’s fun for me but probably not going to be a career.  Keep me in your prayers as I look for a job.  I’ll keep doing my art but am looking for something fun and fulfilling.  Of course time will be an issue. Any new endeavor picks time from another pocket. There is always too little. Those summers that used to seem to go on and on are blips on our personal timelines.  As stores set up Halloween decorations, I hold onto the hope of more golf, more outdoor tennis and more sun on my skin.


Disclaimer:  Thanks to my better half, for letting me sleep in, understanding my tennis bug and letting me have a great summer! You are the best!



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Not much in the way of blogging lately but I thought it was worth showing you my latest little craft.  My ADD brain was cleaning the house yesterday including the garage and I saw the empty door to the garage and decided to take an old racquet that was broken and make it into something new.
With my daughter’s graduation party coming up, her love and mine of tennis, and her school colors being purple and gold…this seemed fitting.
Too bad I don’t have a picture of my husband rolling his eyes as I finished my new wreathet.
I guess I should get started on the things that people will really notice like clearing off the dining room table  and actually having food in the house.
What’s the craziest or most inventive thing you’ve upcycled into something fabulous?

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My backhand has a problem.  I’m way off balance and I’m popping it up over the net, only to be smashed back down on my partner…ouch.  Sorry Jayne. 

I really think I know what to do but for some reason can’t always do it.  After all, I’ve only been yelled at a thousand times to, “Step into it!”

It’s amazing that when I take the time and really think about it, I can do it pretty well but the minute my head is elsewhere or I’m on the run, I’m stretching forward or backing up without a plan.  Stepping into it is kind of like going to get the ball instead of waiting for it to come to me.

It’s like that on and off the court.  When I keep my feet moving, step into it balanced and ready…things go where they’re supposed to go.  And when I don’t…well, that’s when I need to go to plan “B” and figure out how to survive the overhead smash.


See full size image

My daughter was “forced” (by her dad and me) to go to a new very small Catholic high school 3 years ago.  With this change, there have been some losses, as well as wins, but tonight we were thrilled to celebrate a tennis award that she received at their sports banquet.  She won the St Theodore Guerin Award for girls tennis and her coach said that she always wore a smile despite what happened at practices and matches.  For coming into a new game on a new court, she truly has “stepped into it.” Congrats!

For more info on St Theodore Guerin, a nun who was born in France and moved to Indiana to start St Mary’s of the Woods College check out :http://www.archindy.org/criterion/local/blogs/guerin/index.html

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Friday night my BH and I went to a benefit for NuAfrica, an organization that is doing wonderful work in the poorest parts of Africa.

As we played tennis, sipped wine and enjoyed delicious food, across the world many people were walking miles for water to drink.

In the US, babies often get their first pair of shoes before they are born.  We have baby showers where we give wipe warmers, diaper genies,  photo albums, dolls and yes, shoes for gifts.  Contrast that with Mali, where they get their first pair of shoes when they turn 14.   Despite their apparent need for “things,” what they most want is the most basic element, water.

Above is a link to a short video about the NuAfrica organization and how it was started.  It’s bringing the very thing we take most for granted, to many.  We buy bottled water, dump it down the drain, run the shower until all of the hot water is gone, leave the sprinkler on for hours and don’t think twice about it.  In Mali, people think about water every day.

We had a great time attending the “Drill 4 Water” benefit at our racquet club.  Mostly, we learned how one local woman, spurred on by a simple conversation at a restaurant, was moved to motivate many to make a difference very far from home.

Check out their website if you are interested in helping http://www.nuafrica.org/

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Hello world!


 It’s somewhat daunting, this idea of writing on-line.  Where will I get beautiful photos? What will I write?  Who will read it?  How will I make time? 

Well, the photo on my banner I took with my little digital on a snowy day in Indy in my front yard.  It turns out that beautiful things are right around us; problem solved.  I do love to write and I certainly have been accused of being able to talk to anyone and yes, probably talking too much.  So, maybe the words will come as the picture did and if for no other reason, I’ll get a nice journal with pretty pictures.  As for readers, time will tell.  As for time, aaah…always a problem.

Getting started meant choosing my  blog title.  Wow, how to say what I want in one catchy little phrase.  It turns out that blog know-it-alls have a lot of opinions on how to name your blog.  You mustn’t take naming it too lightly or it could come back to haunt you.    If you want anonymity, which sounds great, don’t use your real name.  I love that idea.  How great to write what you want and not have to claim it.   I could completely change my personality or let secret aspects of it reveal themselves with no repercussions. 

 However, if you want people to find you, it makes it harder if you use a username that isn’t connected to you.    I like to think of myself as creative, so I set out to find “the” name that would encompass all of my passions and endear me to thousands of fans (ha).  I wrote down several fun names…

  • Snickerdoodle- a site with laughter and art
  • Indygobluegirl- referencing my state, my alma mater (University of Michigan) and a youthful name for my gender
  • Hoganart- name and passion
  • TopSpin-tennis and my spin on life
  • Rhoades not taken- my maiden name and a reference to Robert Frost’s poem (which I love)
  • LoveAll-tennis reference, even score and I do love it all 

 It is important to google your prospective names to see what comes up.  For example, it turns out my creativity isn’t so unique.  There are several other women who blog under the  Snickerdoodle name , so I nixed that one.  For a variety of reasons and after some research  I decided to go with…..Love All!  I really like tennis and about a million other things.  I wish there was more time in the day to try it all. I am a lover of art, food, crafts, animals, gardening, reading, travel and of course my family.   I love positive people but I have gripes and things that get my goat.  I will share ideas I garner from my experiences as a student, sister, wife, friend and parent and I look forward to hearing from you.

So hello world…are you out there?

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