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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Lilly is a Bichon and she is done on a 5 x 5 gallery wrapped canvas.

In my “Getting Started” blog awhile back, I talked about some of the various marketing initiatives I’ve been trying for my pet painting business, as well as Casa Bella Interiors.  Well, this painting of Lilly is the result of a gift certificate I donated to a Tri Kappa purse auction to benefit Prevail Inc http://www.prevailinc.com/, which assists women in crisis and victims of abuse.  It’s a wonderful organization and I believe they raised $12,000 with this purse auction.  I’m happy to have had a small part in it.  Lilly’s owners got a gift certificate I donated and they will get the portrait this week and with any luck maybe some referrals will follow. 

So I’ve donated a bunch of these and they’re starting to roll in now. I’m somewhat conflicted.  Clearly it’s a marketing strategy yet it’s under the umbrella of being charitable.  I have a couple of others out there and we’ll see how much I do for “free.”  One thing I want to follow up on is how much the charities are getting.  If there’s a good payoff to them, then it’s worth it, as long as I have the time to do it.   I’ll keep track of it all and keep you all posted as to whether my donation marketing plan works.

I love painting and I love dogs.  If I can learn more, expand my portfolio, make some customers happy while benefiting some great causes, then it is a win-win.

Have started my next Bichon…Millie and I’ll post her picture when she’s finished. 


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