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Meet Vince.  He is a darling English Springer Spaniel and the apple of his parents’ eyes.  This painting was done from a picture taken at a photo shoot for our vet’s website http://www.hazeldellanimalhospital.com.
Vince is a beautiful dog who descends from a champion, James, aka Diamond Jim, who won at Westminster in 2007. 

I really enjoyed painting him. I love the pose of him in the photo but was told to take a little of the red out of his coat to more accurately capture his liver coloring.  I’m pretty happy with the result and I hope his parents are too…after all he is practically royalty.


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Smiling Millie

 image001 cpp-millie 007

Millie lives in New York but she is a well traveled Bichon.  She loves to go to Florida and has friends and family all over.  Ann tells me that when she can’t take Millie with her, she goes to a great kennel, The Wagside Inn.  I love that name.  Millie actually loves going there.  Although she get’s excited to see Ann when she returns, she usually jumps on a staff member’s lap while they complete the paper work.

When I first saw her picture, I saw her classic Bichon look.  Millie’s beauty is obvious but many people comment on her eyes and their “makeup.”  She has gorgeous color with subtle highlights and dark areas with some pink undertones.

Well, Millie, I hope I captured your eyes but what brings a smile to my face, is seeing your smile.  Not all dogs have one, but you do for sure.  Keep smiling and bringing a smile to those you see!

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