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It’s been awhile since I’ve written and I’ve been really busy doing HR, still painting pups, still playing tennis and trying to get some home improvement projects in from time to time. Let’s start with the pups. Here’s Timber, Director of Corporate Security at Purple Ink LLC, my real job! He is much bigger than he looks and quite the tackler. Watch out with cups of coffee or they’ll be flying. I did this painting last year for my boss’s husband for Christmas. IMG_2258

Below is Simba and he is the newly added Assistant to Timber. His painting was for this year’s Christmas gift.  Watch out or he might lick you to death! He’s seriously the cutest puppy and hardly ever really resting like he is shown here.IMG_4130

I’ve done more Dogs Playing Poker and will update my website someday! In the meantime, if you’re interested do check me out at HoganArtHouse on Esty. Or if you need HR Consulting, check us out at Purple Ink LLC.






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These dogs playing poker paintings are a lot of work for me. I have to figure out how to make dogs do things that dogs don’t really do. I look at a lot of photos and sketch a lot, erase a lot and paint, change, and paint again. The truth is that I still doubt myself in the beginning. It was no different my 4th time.

Which brings me to Zelda and Otto, two adorable Weimaraners, who live in Chicago. My client ordered this painting to give as a gift to his college friends from Cornell. To personalize the painting, I added Zelda’s favorite treat, green beans and gave her a big glass of red wine. Otto has a beer and is a stinker, trying to cheat at the game. While my client and his friends were at Cornell, someone pulled a great stunt, by getting a pumpkin on top of the clock tower, so we got that into the painting. I love doing fun little personal jokes and insights into the dogs’ personalities.

Thanks to my clients who trust me, despite not really seeing a lot of these paintings, when they order. Special thanks to my first client, Julie, who trusted me without seeing any dogs playing poker paintings. This time, my doubt faded as usual and I ended up being really happy with the result. The best part is that my client loved it and his friends did too! My clients are all REAL dog lovers and I am too. I love hearing about their past and present dogs. And, my clients are super fun, interesting people. It’s been fun connecting with people in Texas, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Maryland all about their dogs playing poker. What a strange world we live in but kind of cool too.

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Smiling Millie

 image001 cpp-millie 007

Millie lives in New York but she is a well traveled Bichon.  She loves to go to Florida and has friends and family all over.  Ann tells me that when she can’t take Millie with her, she goes to a great kennel, The Wagside Inn.  I love that name.  Millie actually loves going there.  Although she get’s excited to see Ann when she returns, she usually jumps on a staff member’s lap while they complete the paper work.

When I first saw her picture, I saw her classic Bichon look.  Millie’s beauty is obvious but many people comment on her eyes and their “makeup.”  She has gorgeous color with subtle highlights and dark areas with some pink undertones.

Well, Millie, I hope I captured your eyes but what brings a smile to my face, is seeing your smile.  Not all dogs have one, but you do for sure.  Keep smiling and bringing a smile to those you see!

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008 (3)

This is phase 2, a few more details but still not done.


013 (4)

012 (3)

Phase 3…More work and details but now I need to sit back and see what else needs to be done.

I know that Maverick looks a bit sad but this picture was soon after his adoption (I believe) and he probably had reasons to be concerned. 

Maverick, it’s okay, Stacey will take good care of you.  As for my concerns, I like the background but is it too wild?  Stacey is young and cool and I wanted it to be less traditional but I’m  not sure.  Thoughts?

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