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 Cheater, Cheater Ballpoint Pen Eater

Kenny and Julie are dog lovers.  They’ve taken sick dogs into their home and volunteered at the dog shelter.  Julie contacted me to see if I could paint something very custom and very unusual as a gift for Kenny.

Kenny had mentioned to Julie that one day he’d love to have a man cave and in this man cave, there would be a painting of their dogs playing poker.  So with that in mind, Julie found my pet painting website and asked if it could be done.

This was a fun challenge and they were such great clients.  Julie sent me photos of all the dogs with complete descriptions of their personalities.

The primary challenge was not having pictures of the dogs in the right positions.  My dogs modeled a bit and Google is great for getting photos for reference.

We agreed that I’d do a drawing for Kenny’s birthday, so he could put in special requests and have the painting done for Christmas.

Inspired by the famous series of paintings done by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, I set out to do Kenny’s dogs.


There’s Olive, on the left, who’s bossy and likes fruit.

Rugby (RIP) was Kenny’s boyhood dog.  I only had two pictures of him to reference.

Dora, the lab is their current dog.  George, the “old man” was only with them a short time but they loved him immediately.  He came to them sick and lived there until he died.


Milo, is a little dickens, always chewing pens and scrapping with the other dogs.  He ended up having to move into a friend’s home, where he gets into less trouble.

Kenny and Julie seemed thrilled with the painting and I look forward to seeing a picture of it hanging in the man cave!  I loved the challenge of this assignment and I’m willing to try other special requests.

Do you have a dog, who you want see doing yoga, playing the violin or maybe surfing?  I’m up for it.  Check out my website www.custompetpaintings.com and send me a note.


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Meet Vince.  He is a darling English Springer Spaniel and the apple of his parents’ eyes.  This painting was done from a picture taken at a photo shoot for our vet’s website http://www.hazeldellanimalhospital.com.
Vince is a beautiful dog who descends from a champion, James, aka Diamond Jim, who won at Westminster in 2007. 

I really enjoyed painting him. I love the pose of him in the photo but was told to take a little of the red out of his coat to more accurately capture his liver coloring.  I’m pretty happy with the result and I hope his parents are too…after all he is practically royalty.

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This is Maggie and she’s a Christmas present. Shh…don’t tell.

Have been busy with various projects and working a lot, so my postings have been far and few between.  I got a new toy for Christmas, a droid. Now I can do all kind of crazy and cool stuff on my phone. But…you will notice that it isn’t always perfect, so forgive me for various typos and what’s as I learn this system.
Well, off to work on Boots, the cat.  Enjoy your day of rest!

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rocco 001




















Rocco is a Schnoodle and his photo was taken outside in the winter with his cute little scarf on.  His painting is the result of a gift certificate I donated to Guerin Catholic High School’s big fundraiser.

Remember my blog entitled, “Is it a Win Win?”  Well, the verdict is still out.  Right now, it’s definitely a win for the charities, which is a good thing and my portfolio (since I’m adding to it) but as for new business, not so much.  Well, we’ll keep you posted on that end. 

Business is steady, as in I always have one order in the wings but if I were making a living on my own, I’d be on food stamps.  Thank God, for my darling better half.  Despite the economy and government banking regulations strangling him, he is bringing home the bacon.

Anyway, my next subject is a gorgeous King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and it’s a real order.  Whoo hoo!  Thanks so much to those of you who have patronized my business in it’s first year.  I really appreciate it.  I just hit a year and it’s been fun.  If you’d like to check out my website to see my whole portfolio, go to www.custompetpaintings.com.


Don’t forget, I do custom art.  If you have something in mind, I’d love to take a stab at it.

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Lilly is a Bichon and she is done on a 5 x 5 gallery wrapped canvas.

In my “Getting Started” blog awhile back, I talked about some of the various marketing initiatives I’ve been trying for my pet painting business, as well as Casa Bella Interiors.  Well, this painting of Lilly is the result of a gift certificate I donated to a Tri Kappa purse auction to benefit Prevail Inc http://www.prevailinc.com/, which assists women in crisis and victims of abuse.  It’s a wonderful organization and I believe they raised $12,000 with this purse auction.  I’m happy to have had a small part in it.  Lilly’s owners got a gift certificate I donated and they will get the portrait this week and with any luck maybe some referrals will follow. 

So I’ve donated a bunch of these and they’re starting to roll in now. I’m somewhat conflicted.  Clearly it’s a marketing strategy yet it’s under the umbrella of being charitable.  I have a couple of others out there and we’ll see how much I do for “free.”  One thing I want to follow up on is how much the charities are getting.  If there’s a good payoff to them, then it’s worth it, as long as I have the time to do it.   I’ll keep track of it all and keep you all posted as to whether my donation marketing plan works.

I love painting and I love dogs.  If I can learn more, expand my portfolio, make some customers happy while benefiting some great causes, then it is a win-win.

Have started my next Bichon…Millie and I’ll post her picture when she’s finished. 

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I just started painting Maverick.  He is a darling Beagle rescue dog.  My client, Stacey wanted something a fun and funky, so I’m experimenting with different colors and a vivid background.  Here’s a first stab at it.  I spent an hour or so getting the first coats of paint laid.  More to come later.

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Midge is my vet’s golden retriever.  She was the third dog I painted but I struggled a bit with the composition and colors. 

Some of the colors here don’t appear true.  I was still fiddling with flash, no flash, natural light, etc.  Anyway, how I shoot the picture really affects the color.  You’ll notice there is a  lot more yellow in some than others (from the flash.)  Check out the progression of Midge’s painting. 

Midge photoMidge for web1 

Photo of Midge                        First painting          

midge 012

  2nd stab at background 

At this point I gave the painting to my friend and continued to work on other paintings.  Midge continued to haunt me.  I knew something was off with the background but couldn’t put my finger on it.  So I asked for it back to work on it more.   That’s one of the beautiful things about acrylic paint, you can really keep layering it on. 

   017 015 

So I tried blue ………………and then I tried grey……and



I decided to go a bit more casual with the background and give a bit of whimsy to it by filling the space on the right with her name.  You have to love dog names, they are always the best.  No longer is Midge a dog without a background.  I delivered her today and she’ll go back to the wall in our vet’s office. 

So, it is just a background but it’s pretty important.  Which one do you like?  There really is no right answer but I think I’m happy with this last one.

For more of my pet paintings check out www.custompetpaintings.com or Hogan Art on Facebook. 

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