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They may call me Mellow Yellow but my name is…you guessed it…Maverick.  I had the blues but Stacey didn’t think it was cool, so I’ve always been mellow but now I’m yellow too.

What do you like?  Maverick with the blues or mellow yellow?


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Maverick, Maverick, Maverick…

Kudos to Stacey for coming up with such an unexpected name.  His portrait might suggest a thoughtful, somber, pensive and possibly emo personality.  I’m thinking Theo, Felix, Stanley, Fred or Socrates but Maverick definitely gives him some attitude and chutzpah. 


Maverick, I’ve grown very fond of you while working on your portrait and I can’t wait to meet you and look into your soulful eyes.

Once again, I struggled with finding the right background.  I tried reds, oranges, yellows and greens but really what worked for you was the blues. 


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This is phase 2, a few more details but still not done.


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Phase 3…More work and details but now I need to sit back and see what else needs to be done.

I know that Maverick looks a bit sad but this picture was soon after his adoption (I believe) and he probably had reasons to be concerned. 

Maverick, it’s okay, Stacey will take good care of you.  As for my concerns, I like the background but is it too wild?  Stacey is young and cool and I wanted it to be less traditional but I’m  not sure.  Thoughts?

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I just started painting Maverick.  He is a darling Beagle rescue dog.  My client, Stacey wanted something a fun and funky, so I’m experimenting with different colors and a vivid background.  Here’s a first stab at it.  I spent an hour or so getting the first coats of paint laid.  More to come later.

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