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My little guy’s room is almost done.

I have a few finishing touches to do like curtains, a couple of pillows, and more blue in the little room behind the door but here are some pictures that show the theme.

You guessed it…not so unique but he likes it.  The football player is painted with white board paint and after 2 days of curing, my LG was anxious to put his dry erase markers to work.  The plain white silhouette was creatively transformed into the likeness of every Indianapolis boy’s hero, #18 Peyton Manning. 

I bought Colts fleece and made a blanket with that super soft fuzzy fleece on the underside and he LOVES it.  The bunk beds were the cats meow a month ago and now the “couch” made out of an extra twin mattress and box spring is the bed of choice. 

 oct 025

I used Sherwin Williams Duration paint in a Matte finish, Relaxed Khaki for the walls and ceiling and Blue Chip for the accent wall and stripe.

The white board is made by Rustoleum and is quite easy to work with but the silhouette does require a pretty fast worker.  White board paint needs to be done within 2 hours of mixing the activator with the base.  Three coats were necessary to cover the blue.

oct 009

Before the artist got to work.

oct 022

After the customization.  Notice the flag football player on the wall.

   oct 022

Notice the details.  Seems as though “that” company’s marketing campaign is working.

oct 024

The furniture in this room is all “recycled.”  Dressers are from Great Grandmas, bunk beds from a neighborhood garage sale, ladder, made by his dad from wood in the garage, desk in little room, $5 from a sale at the Catholic School, lamp table from Nana’s house many years ago.  In other words, we don’t buy new furniture for our kids!  When it came time to get a new bedroom set, WE got one!  It’s just as well, the water stains, permanent marker and scratches look better on “weathered“ stuff. 


The point is, that paint really can transform a room.  It’s economical even using the best paint and you can do it yourself (or better yet, hire me!)  My Little Guy is thrilled with his room and to quote him, “It’s kind of like a man cave.”


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Once upon a time there was a little girl named Ava, who really wanted a room with Disney Princesses in it…

so…her mom and dad asked me to make her wish come true.

For days I sketched, painted and worked in her special room hoping she would love my vision of fairy land.

Near her door is her prince, still waiting for a kiss.  Lucky for him, he has a pretty good rock, which could persuade many princesses to give him a shot.

   horn residence 037

And near her closet is the glass slipper that will prove that Cinderella was the beauty at the ball.

horn residence 036

I haven’t been blogging much because it’s been pretty busy around here but having work is a good thing.  Let’s hope for more fun projects.  I have to say, I was a little scared to do Cinderella but I literally prayed to God to help me do it.  I think He did help and I think little Ava is happy with her princess room.

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The neighborhood pools were renovated this spring and I was asked to do a mural for the boys and girls bathrooms.  I really wanted to make them fun, so this is the result.  My friend, Kristine helped me and it was pretty fun to do but it ended up being more complicated than I thought.  It turns out painting silhouettes is harder than one would think.  When blown up life size, the hands start to look weird and various body parts start to look skewed.  At one point, I had my little guy in our home bathroom with the lights off, a flashlight on the sink doing a cannonball pose on the toilet seat.  I had him making a fist, reaching his arm up and giving me a thumbs up.  All of this, just to see his silhouette.  He was  a great sport.


I’ll tell you a little secret…he thinks that he’s the one painted on the walls but in reality, I never ended up using the photos I took of him.  He’s been so cute telling everyone that it’s him that I think we’ll just let him go on thinking it.  There is a tuft of hair on the cannonball dude that resembles him, so he may be none the wiser.

Too funny, he just came up and said, “ooh me!”  It is in some ways, it is him because he embraces life by jumping in and making a splash.  When is the last time you threw a cannonball into your day?

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The Oceana Naval Air Station is near Virginia Beach and we are in their flight pattern.   It’s amazing to hear them announce their arrival.  Yikes… it’s like we’re under attack or there’s a crazy thunderstorm that crept up out of nowhere. The first couple of times, we looked into the air and really took in the sight.  Now, we’re sort of used to it. 

Did you know that they don’t ever stop?  I had some insomnia Wednesday night and it became apparent around 2:00 am that they just keep flying.  Do I really think they have insomnia?  No… but they are sure not helping mine.  Of course, I did gain an appreciation for the job that they do.  I’m sure when I’m back home, the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that we truly are protected 24-7 should make me sleep like a baby.  A big thank you goes out to our troops, who are hard at work while we sleep (or don’t sleep) in peace.

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Gabby rm 2Gabby rm 3 Gabby rm 5 hybiscus 

This is Gabby’s room.  She had the cute bedding and the great turquoise walls.  My friend K and I designed and hand painted the flowers for this totally unique fun accent wall.  This was done in about one day.

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