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I love summer.  I love the heat, the food, going to a lake house, sitting on the patio, and feeling the sand between my toes and the sun on my skin.


I know it’s bad and I use sun block but I love being outside and seeing my skin turn a bit brown.  I love sleeping in and I’m so grateful that I can.  But believe it or not, I love getting up to meet my friends for early morning tennis on our neighborhood courts. It’s been a great summer.

So we are winding down; school has started and little signs of Fall are starting to show themselves.


The kids have gone back to school and it’s time for me to go back to work too. I’ll admit, I didn’t get much done this summer.  My project list is still long.  I was going to devote my summer to “my art.”  Somehow, laundry, dinner, the dishwasher, driving kids around…and yes, tennis, got in the way of “my list.”  But boy was it a fun summer. I did do one painting, a tiny portrait of Maverick, a golden retriever, who passed away.  His family wanted to enjoy his image in art.


I also haven’t done any blogging in awhile but thought I’d post a couple of drafts I had written before.  I’m not sure how those bloggers make careers out of it, although I’m sure it does involve a lot of time invested. It’s fun for me but probably not going to be a career.  Keep me in your prayers as I look for a job.  I’ll keep doing my art but am looking for something fun and fulfilling.  Of course time will be an issue. Any new endeavor picks time from another pocket. There is always too little. Those summers that used to seem to go on and on are blips on our personal timelines.  As stores set up Halloween decorations, I hold onto the hope of more golf, more outdoor tennis and more sun on my skin.


Disclaimer:  Thanks to my better half, for letting me sleep in, understanding my tennis bug and letting me have a great summer! You are the best!



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I can’t believe that it’s school already.  Summers used to last so long and now I blink and the leaves are falling.  I always have a summer bucket list (in my head) and I always fail to do most of it.  In a last ditch attempt to check a few off my list, I’m assessing now, so I can cram it all in before the snow flies.


Here’s a typical list:

  1. Go to the pool a lot (of course with sun block… now that I know that sun really does cause wrinkles)  arrgh!
  2. Ride bike down the Monon Trail to Bubs for burgers and a beer.
  3. Play lots of tennis… and really improve my serves and overheads
  4. Play outdoor games with the kids and my BH (Badminton, bocce ball, baseball in the cul de sac, football)
  5. Go to Indians games
  6. Hang out on the patio with the neighbors and friends
  7. Roast marsh mellows and make s’mores
  8. Read some good books by the pool or outside on the patio
  9. Go on long walks with my BH or girlfriends
  10. Play golf with my BH and kids
  11. Harvest bushels of fresh, organic produce from my garden
  12. Grill and bake the best fresh summer food
  13. Visit loved ones
  14. Go to outdoor concerts
  15. Go to the lake
  16. Play tennis with the kids

virgina beach (48) virgina beach (60)

This summer was full of some wonderful times although I have to say, most of them were on vacation.  It seems that the “work” in running a house seems to take over and we truly could relax while away.  I actually love being home and I plan to try to enjoy that last month of summer weather with my whole heart and soul.  The weather is cooling and I’m going to make the best of it.  I’ve done some of the things on my bucket list but I’m going to work on it more. 

What things are on your summer bucket list?

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Here they are again…gorgeous tulips.

  My friend, Karyn liked my hydrangea photo and sent these beauties my way.  I know it’s not spring, but I thought I’d pass them on.  They are stunning.  If those perky little bright bundles of pink can’t bring a smile, then I don’t know what will. 

tulips smitson3 tulips smitson  

 Thanks Karyn for sharing and brightening my day.   

Feel free to send me photos that capture your fancy! 

And yes, it isn’t the first time that you’ve seen tulips here (my fav flower) and it won’t be the last…

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Remember how I said I love my Farm Fresh Delivery?

Well, I’m still loving it and what a fun surprise, they

had these beauties in my bin last week.

How did they know they are my faves?

What’s your favorite flower?  Leave it in my comments…

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things to paint or draw 005

I love spring sooo much.  Growing up in Michigan with hard, long winters made Spring all the more glorious.  And to top it off, April brought Easter, my two sisters’ birthdays and on April 17th…mine.  It is my favorite month.  I even love the wild life that scurries about busily making nests and gathering food.  

After spending Easter this year at my sister’s house in Michigan, we got to talking about China (my bro-in-law had just come back) and our Chinese birth year.  I got to googling and of course, I’m the year of the Rabbit.   These little buggers are my nemesis.  I love how cute they are but I hate how they eat my flowers and veggie starts.  It just figures I’m the year of the Rabbit. So this spring, I guess I’ll be a little more sensitive to those cute fuzzy little demons who rule our neighborhood.  Hasenpfeffer anyone?

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