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“I’m what us humans like to call…a perfect student.”

 On test taking strategies for oral tests.  “I can always tell the right answers by the teacher’s voice, so I always get them right.”

On organizational skills.  “No, I don’t like checking off the homework in my assignment notebook.”



rocco 004 

After getting a “N” (needs improvement) in handwriting on the mid term report card.  “I have the worst handwriting ever.  There are 74 other kids in second grade who have better handwriting than I do.”



image               image




While discussing a fun party.  His girl friend says, “Maybe we’ll drink some Russian Vodkas” and my little guy says, “and then we can smoke some wheat.”  Please note, that:

  1. We do not, nor have we ever had or said the words, “Russian Vodka”
  2. We do not, nor have we ever spoken of smoking anything sounding like “wheat.” 
  3. Supposedly, he heard that one from his older cousin.  Hmm, yes, on the Rhoades side of the family. Not to name anyone in particular but the initials are Scott S.  


oct 014 oct 015

He took his duct tape wallet that his brother made him and put his name and phone number in it.  He then took a school photo and added it on top.  He showed it to me and said,  “Look at this picture, mom.  Isn’t he handsome?”

I said with a wink, “You sure are good looking.  After all,  you’re 50% me.” 

He said emphatically, “I’m not 50% you, I’m 90% Dad.   I’m a dude.  I’m only 10% you and that’s the part of me that gets me in trouble at school.”

I hope you enjoy my little guy.  I am constantly supplied with Liamisms.  People have said to keep a journal of them all, so this is a start.  Have a great day!


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Go up the stairs,











Turn right, go all the way down the hall.











Turn right for another 8 feet and you’re finally in my little guy’s room. 












He hates that it’s so far away and that it’s still the motiff that it was when his brother had the room. 










So, the day of transformation has come.  Yes, today is the day that I am going to finally paint my own child’s room.










Gone will be the log cabin wall and the green paint. 



Gone will be the “special” decorations that the boys have left. 

Yes, I patched many, many holes and dents on every surface.







Some things will return, like the Pokemon artwork,


and the prayer space for our little angel.












Pictures will follow …let’s see how long the transformation takes…and yes, I know, making the beds and picking up would also yield an extreme makeover with less effort and cost.  We’ll work on that too.

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October Picture from calendar


 Everday, my little guy wakes up to his own alarm and marches in for a good morning snuggle.   After a few minutes, he begins the rest of his morning routine with his dad.  Last Friday, I heard him announce to his dad, “Today is gonna be a great day…three reasons. 

  1. Pep rally at school
  2. Spirit wear day and jeans -Sister says jeans are ok as long as they’re appropriate.
  3. We have PE”

He donned his school Tshirt and appropriate jeans, ate his Cinnamon Toast Crunch, packed his lunch and went off to school with his dad. 

I think it’s interesting that not having to wear his uniform is so fun for him.  I really believe being denied certain things enhances our appreciation when we get them.  This child is a joy because he finds joy in the simple things.  His spirit is contagious and just by hearing his enthusiasm, he brightened my day. 

Imagine if:

  1. we all found 3 reasons to look forward to the day
  2. we appreciated the things that most people take for granted
  3. we shared our excitement with others

I hope you all have a joyful day with many reasons to be grateful.  What are you looking forward to today?

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I love traditions.  I love the idea that the kids will have such fond memories that one day they may want to pass those traditions down to their kids.  I love that they’ll think I’m soooo awesome…someday…maybe…

So I make up these little things and I’m not sure if they notice or not.  The problem is, that sometimes, I lose enthusiasm for my own traditions and forget to do them! 

Our tradition for the first day of school is that I actually get up out of bed before they do and I make a really awesome breakfast…pancakes, bacon, fruit etc…We then walk to the front porch and I take “the picture” in front of the front door, with backpacks and all.

I hear what you’re saying, “You should be getting out of bed and making your kids breakfast everyday!”

This may not seem like much but I’m a “night” person.  My BH loves the A.M. but I’m better friends with P.M. so lucky for me, during the school year, he usually wakes the kids up and gets them going.  Being that our eldest hasn’t made nice with A.M. either, it’s best that we not see each other too early.  It is inevitable that I will say something vicious like, “Honey, are you going to brush your hair today? “  This does not go over well with my sweet daughter, so in the interest of harmony, we steer clear of each other until we are well into the day. 

Anyway, this year I blew it.  I totally forgot to get up early and forgot to get “the photos.” Then realizing the error of my ways, when my little guy started the next week, I decided to recreate the first day for them so I went to make the pancakes and…no eggs.  Bummer.  Well, the night before (forgetting about the pancake deal) I had made homemade Bran Muffins, that counts for something doesn’t it?  So, I fixed him a bowl of cereal, handed him a muffin and we moved on to the second part of the tradition, marching to the front porch. 


Come on.  Really?  Humor me…just give me one.  Nope, apparently, “we” aren’t feeling cooperative.

No worries.  I’m sticking with my tradition whether they like it or not. My little guy will at least have a good memory of his backpack and I must say, my geraniums look pretty.  Even though I blew it with the bigger kids, we shall recreate their first days, down to the outfit.  No one will be the wiser. :)  After all, someday I’m sure they’ll think I’m awesome or maybe they’ll just  laugh at me.  I’m good with that.

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virgina beach (15)

Fear not, I shan’t go there!  

virgina beach (22)

Turns out it’s for families too.  Is that child texting under the table? Tsk tsk!

virgina beach (28) 

And it’s definitely for seafood lovers. The Hogan clan loves seafood.

So much so, that when my kids are overnight guests, they will be asked what they like to eat and they generally respond, “Lobster or crab.”  First grade journals will talk about buying “lopster” for dinner.  They talk as though we have it all of the time.  We don’t but when we do, our kids LOVE  it!

 virgina beach (29)

Soon after our arrival to the shore, we had to get some good seafood.  My little guy and I shared a platter with lots of Old Bay Seasoning-yum, clams, shrimp and crab legs. 

virgina beach (31) virgina beach (32)

Look at that huge hunk…wow, fish and chips…flounder and more crab legs, sweet and buttery.

virgina beach (19) virgina beach (17)

Surf Rider was situated in a marina with a lovely setting and the food was delish (except for lame key lime pie…more like the limeade pie you can easily make at home.)

virgina beach (42) 

A good time was had by all (except for the guys on the plates.)  :( 

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My little guy had holes in the knees of his school uniform and I had to get new pants but there were no 8 slims to be found.  I bought the regular 8s and  ordered some 8 slims from Lands End.  Surely one of these would fit.


I showed him and WOW, what a reaction, “I am NOT wearing these pants! I CANNOT have buttons. “

Apparently, there is a daily race between the boys to see who can get out of the bathroom the fastest and having a hook and eye gives one a definite advantage.

I convinced him to wear them to school and said that I would take in the waist of the 8’s with the hook and eye.  7:00 am the next morning, “Did you fix my pants yet?”   “Not yet but I will.”  So… above is a picture of what I found in the laundry room later that day.  I guess he knows his mom needs reminders.

BTW, one week has passed.  He’s cool with the button now and I still haven’t

“so-ed his pans” yet!

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Shizoodles and Muts

Lainey in her Colts bandana


Max with his Colts bandana

 Meet the little darlings. ‘Lainey, a Shih Tzu Poodle mix is almost 3 and is quite the diva.  She is high energy and demanding.  My better half thinks she’s a bit like me, always bugging him to play.  One dog was definitely enough (for him).  The rest of us however, were constantly trying to get Lainey to snuggle with us.  Just as I would have her laying on my lap all nice and sleepy, a squeaky toy would start-up or a treat would come out, wooing her away.  It was clear, we needed another.    

     For fun, I started looking at websites of rescue groups and saw an adorable dog that they thought was a Lhasa Apso mix but Romeo (as he was named by the rescue group) was already taken.   A week later, I got a call.  It seems that the cats in his new home didn’t embrace their new housemate.  I could go see him that day.  Well, we know how this went, of course I had to bring him home.  

        Next, making the call to my BH to tell him a new dog would be at home that evening and it was just a trial.  He did not  embrace poor Romeo either.  Apparently when asked if he would mind another dog, he had said that he did not want another.  I just do not remember him being that definitive but I’m sure in his mind he was crystal clear.  
       Anyway, mama knows best and Max (as we renamed him) is part of the family and he completely adores me (which means he ain’t going anywhere.) Max lumbers around as if he owns the place, barking like crazy at strangers, chewing up pencils, taking lip gloss out of my daughter’s purse (and chewing it up) and eating.  If he were a boy, he would wear husky pants.  The good news is, our vet said that although Max could lose a few pounds, he’s actually quite muscular.  That’s news to us.  I guess we need to quit calling him Fat boy (admittedly, not a nice name) but it’s with love.  The best part of Max is his love of lounging and there’s nothin’ his dad (aka my BH) likes better than some good couch time.  It brings a smile to my face when I come down on a lazy Saturday morning, and find  him on the couch snuggled up with…you guessed it… my BH. 

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