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wacky computer

Sorry if my post was weird, words got messed up and it didn’t publish the right edition.  Anyway, I think it’s fixed now.  Is it fair to blame the computer or is it as my BH always says…”user error?”


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Shanghai Girls by Lisa See

I loved this book.  This is for my “other” book club.  We’re working on a name, so if you have any ideas, let me know.  

This book is a vivid account of two sisters who grew up  privileged in Shanghai , get caught up in a number of twists of fate  and travel to the US to make their lives and create a sense of family.  The colorful descriptions of their homes in China, as well as Los Angeles, immerse the reader in their lives.  The details about Chinese customs and cultural beliefs (or superstitions) are fascinating.  The strength of both of these women is inspiring as they escape China during war and undergo being part of an unwanted minority in the US during a time where paranoia about Communism  is rampant.  Definitely a must read.

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